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5 Types of Residential Property for Rent in Thailand 

1. Apartment

Apartment  or what foreigners known as ‘flat’, refer to low or high buildings owed by single owner. There are several types of rooms for rent, they have 2 bedrooms to 5 bedrooms. Generally, rooms were fully furnished and most of the apartments provide facilities such as swimming pool, gym, parking lots, and so on. The advantage of apartment is single ownership, so all management teams and the supervision will be managed by single owner.

2. Condominium

Condominium refers to low or high buildings invested by developer, aiming for sale. Each unit mostly owed by many owners but the facilities are used as common area such as swimming pool, and corridor. Room types are studio, and 1 – 3 bedrooms. Space in condominium is regularly smaller than apartment. Juristic person is in charge of maintenance in common area – swimming pool, and corridor. Owners are responsible to their own room.

3. Service Apartment

Service apartment is residence established for rent. Room design is similar to apartment but space is smaller. The services they provide to residents are like hotel service such as room cleaning, bed sheet cleaning, etc. Moreover, service apartments also offer short-term rent and some of them offer daily rent. Apartment or some people call ‘flat’, referring to low and high level of buildings

4. Single House

A house can be located in a gated real estate development or be a stand­alone property. Almost all rental houses belong to individual owners who are responsible for the maintenance. Some gated communities offer a clubhouse, swimming pool and gym. A single house mostly located in the compound, Village or being stand-alone and all belong to individual owner. The owner will be responsible for house maintenance. For compound or village

5. Townhouses

Townhouses offer more space over several levels than single detached houses but in a terraced configuration. They may have a small rear garden but are not as private as a single detached house. They will either have direct street frontage or form part of a gated community. In Bangkok, there are some gated townhouse developments which provide facilities such as a pool for residents. Townhouses provide more useful space than the single house because townhouses are not required to leave gap between gate and house by law. Small garden may be provided for townhouses but will not be private as much as single house. Many townhouses in Bangkok provide good facilities such as swimming pool and gyms. Please contact DPP rental team to facilitate you on your ideal residences finding in many popular areas such as Sukhumvit, Silom, Sathon, Lumpini, Ploenchit, Bangna.